Mike Posner Talks Fame, TV and ‘Idol’

Mike Posner has pretty much solidified himself this summer as one of the next big things… if he hasn’t already fully broken on the strength of his hit ‘Cooler Than Me.’

The singer (who is also a recent Duke University graduate) dropped in on SIRIUS XM’s Hits 1 to talk about life as an on-the-cusp music star, how he made his initial break into the business, and also who he thinks should snag a seat on the American Idol judging table.

On Idol: I actually do not own a TV in my house, but there has been some crazy stuff that I have caught on American Idol while on the tour bus….J.Lo and Steven Tyler might be coming in. Maybe I should be a judge. But if not, you know who would actually be a really dope judge is Mr. T….a catch phrase for every person… ‘I pity the fool.’ Or maybe just one catch phrase he said every time. That would be funny.

His Favorite Show: My favorite TV show is ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.’ If you haven’t seen that show I don’t know what you’re doing with your life. It is so… funny.  I watch it on a daily basis and none of the episodes get old to me ever.

On Joel Madden Helping Him Out:
I first met…Josh Madden, and when I first moved to LA right after I graduated from Duke, Joel hit me up and was like ‘Listen man, I know you’re moving to LA and you probably don’t have your stuff all set up. I have a studio in my house,  I am going to New York and you can record in it whenever you want.’ So I am…forever grateful and a huge fan of Good Charlotte. They are some of the nicest dudes…

Check out video of Mike’s hit ‘Cooler Than Me’ below, and starting Sept. 10, you can catch Mr. Posner on The Mike Posner Show, Fridays at 9pm EST on SIRIUS XM’s Faction.

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