MTV’s New TJ Wants to See Beyonce Tweet More

Would you love to get paid to tweet for MTV about your favorite celebs, musicians, and pop culture icons? Well, if you’re Gabi Gregg, that dream gig just became a reality.

The 24-year-old Detorit fashion blogger won MTV’s search for their new “Twitter Jockey” on Follow Me: The Search for the First MTV TJ, and Celebuzz had the honor of chatting with the new Twitter maven this morning. The new job includes a $100,000 salary, the opportunity to be the face of MTV’s social media outreach, and plenty of new Twitter followers, we’re sure.

The charming new TJ tells Celebuzz in an exclusive interview that although a Twitter job sounds like it would be perfect for working in her PJs, she does plan on coming into her new office at MTV studios in New York. Not that Gabi would be caught dead working in sweats: She’s a respected fashion blogger with her super popular plus-sized fashion blog, Young, Fat & Fabulous.

Gabi also tells us that her favorite tweeting celebs include Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, and Twitter noob Kanye West. Gabi loves seeing celebrities reach out and connect with their fans through social media, but sadly not all celebs are hip to the Twitter jive. Which famous faces would Gabi like to see utilize Twitter more? “Beyonce, she’s my idol […] it would be awesome to see her interact with us [her fans] more.”

The “Single Ladies” chanteuse is currently “Twitter squatting” on her name, @beyonce, but hasn’t made a single tweet peep since she first joined.

Do you agree with Gabi that Beyonce should be tweeting more? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Follow Gabi’s new gig at @mtvtj.