Win a Dinner With Andrew W.K.: Worldwide Contest

Could there be a more interesting guy to have dinner with than Andrew WK? The ‘Party Hard’ rocker and TV host with a penchant for awesome dance moves is giving his fans a chance to share a meal with their white-pantsed rock lord, including a totally free trip to New York City, and only Celebuzz has the details on how you can make this happen.

How does it work? You simply have to sign up for Andrew’s street team (dubbed The Party Crew, natch), and the winner will be chosen from there. Should you win, you and a guest will be flown from anywhere in the world to New York, be put up in a hotel and wine and dine with AWK.

Andrew (who’s currently on the Vans Warped Tour) tells Celebuzz exclusively,

“I truly believe I have the best fans in the world. I realize a lot performers say that, but since my whole theme is partying, it makes sense that I attract awesome party people. They’re such awesome people that I consider them friends. So, I wanted to combine my favorite people with one of my favorite activities: Eating Dinner! At first I thought I could actually eat one of my fans, but my lawyer looked into it and said it was highly illegal, even if the fan agreed to be eaten. So, instead we decided to share a nice dinner with a fan. It’s just another way for me to show my fans – my friends – just how much I appreciate them and their dedication to partying. We’re all together in this great cause – doing everything we can to spread the joy of excitement and celebration around the world, and it’s a privilege to party – and dine – with such fine people. I’m looking forward to this meal very, very much.”

What are you waiting for? Sign up to win!

Photo Source: Mike Lum

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