Levi Johnston Puts the Moves on Sandra Bullock

You might have a budding reality TV career, Levi Johnston, but seriously—you’re not ready to move up to an A-list, Oscar-winning girlfriend just yet.

PopEater reports that Bristol Palin’s baby daddy and ex-fiancé made a play for Blind Side actress Sandra Bullock during his memorable appearance at Sunday’s Teen Choice Awards, largely ignoring his date and musical collaborator, Britanni Senser (Who’s Brittani Senser?), in a vain effort to catch Bullock’s eye.

Fortunately Bullock thoroughly rebuffed the Alaskan-bred Playgirl model’s advances. According to a source,

“All night long Levi was trying to get close to Sandra. He desperately wanted to get his picture taken with Sandra hoping it would show up on the cover of a magazine or at least be able to meet her in person and give America’s sweetheart his phone number. Sandra was having none of it, telling everyone, ‘Get him away from me.'”

Smart move, Sandra. After all, one stalker is probably enough for any gal.

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