Meet Brittani Senser, Levi Johnston's Video Co-Star (PHOTOS)

You may recognize Brittani Senser as Levi Johnston's Teen Choice Awards date - and the aspiring singer Celebuzz recently gave you the scoop on (see: Who Is Britney Senser?) - but followers of all things Levi will soon know Brittani as the Alaskan stud's co-star in what is already a headline-making new music video. 

The 24-year-old singer has announced via her Facebook page that she and Levi wrapped shooting on the video for the single, After Love. In a Facebook status update, Brittani said she was "tired, exhausted and so excited for everyone to see the video:"

I really enjoyed working with Levi and his crew. They've been so kind and supportive this weekend. Im so grateful for the experience. Ill be back soon L.A. :)

The world now awaits the premiere of the video that Bristol Palin said mocks her family, but Brittani told that "even if Levi wasn't in the video it probably would still be the same storyline."

Click here for more photos of Brittani Senser. Are you looking forward to Levi and Brittani's music video? Weigh in via the comments.



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  • Sunil

    You know, before I clcekid on the comments to see if there was an answer to the Folgers can, it hit me that it could be used for a sharps container (and even the color is right!!!). But then I saw the comment about the spank room and I fell over laughing. All I could think about was the first time that my DH had to do his thing in a cup and it looked like such a small amount. In a Folgers can, it would really appear small, wouldn't it. It would take a marathon of spank room visits to even be a drop in that bucket!Thanks for filling me in!

  • Jumiaty

    Bravo, Levi Johnston is doing his duty as a young man unemployment is at an all time high, LJ has to earn some money to take care of his beabis not be a deadbeat dad more power to him!