Remembering Kim Kardashian's One-Shoulder Dresses (PHOTOS)

When style icon Kim Kardashian declares that she is over a trend, the fashion world listens.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star tweeted that she was "officially retiring" the one-shoulder black dress and added that she was "#overit." What a shame, she looked so pretty in a one-shoulder dress at the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday!

Do you think Kim was right to retire the one-shoulder dress or does this trend still have some life in it? Click here to see Celebuzz's retrospective of Kim's love for this fallen trend. She sure wore a lot of one-shoulder dresses!



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  • barbara02


  • Chocolate

    She looks good no matter what she did, we need to respect other people's wish. How did the talk about the dress drift to Her lifestyle? I Think the one shoulder is still a nice trend and she wear it well.

  • nicole

    love the dress hate the hair!!!!

  • latinab

    lovee her and the dress lol:)

  • Hank

    OMG she looks awful! She's become a mannequin! LA destroys it's women, so sad.

  • xsica

    shes the best im her biggest fan ever !! i love u kim

  • U mad
    U mad

    Everyone above is mad beyond belief.

  • Dating

    I love this girl. It doesn't matter what she wears, she is always in style. Love Pamela

  • Judy

    I can't believe that ppl really hate on this girl every day!!! why is she such a slut because she made a sex tape with her man and she dates alot of dudes!!! please bitches dont act like you havent made a sex tape or took naked pics of yourself for someone and dont act like you only f@#k one guy in your life when some of you cant even keep count on one hand how many d@#%s you had up in you and in your month!!!! so let her be... cuz what she did was smart did what she did to make money and live it up better then you and me!!! Now thats the truth

  • lardass

    the cellulite plastic gorilla strikes again! keep tellin' us she's hot a million more times & maybe some moron will believe you ... get real , she's a skank ... money can't scrub that sh*t off ....

  • me

    like they can put lipstick on a PIG, but it's still a HOG

  • browneye90


  • browneye90

    very nice black and white OK .

  • browneye90

    nice some think dave

  • simone

    The only thing this FAMEWHORE SKANK has perfected is the "Just Peed on" look. Such a waste of space...She's actually MORE of a Famewhore than Paris...and that says enough

  • WowReally

    Omfg, who gives a sh*t!?

  • less

    she is beautiful !! Big Kiss