Robert Pattinson Gets Spoofed By ‘90210’ Actor

90210 hunk Matt Lanter is taking on Robert Pattinson in his newest vampire spoof movie, Vampires Suck.

The 27-year-old Ohio native will be portraying a “cheesy” version of RPattz’s Edward Cullen for the film. Matt must have some pretty big cajones to be willing to poke fun of every teenage girl’s favorite vampire, but he is hoping that Rob will see the humor in the spoof film:

It seems like[Rob]’s got a sense of humor. We’re adding to the Twilight saga in a fun, quirky way… We’re paying homage. It’s the greatest form of flattery.

Yeah, whatever will keep those rabid Twihards from tearing you to shreds outside of Starbucks, right? 

Matt also explains how the spoof film will be a racier version of Twilight:

I’m naked in the movie. We very closely follow the Twilight saga, so I think anything you might find cheesy about Twilight – which I know sounds really weird – we tackle that. You know that famous ‘I’m a killer’ scene where [Rob] is talking about how he’s a vampire? We make fun of that, but I pull out a gun and shoot. I’m actually a killer.

What do you think vampire fans: Does this spoof sound like it is worth checking out or is Twilight simply something that no one should ever belittle? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Check out the trailer for Vampires Suck below.