The Hair Battle Spectacular Is On!

The Hair Battle Spectacular Is On!-photo

Sponsored post: Alert your television sets, people; this evening's programming is going to get pretty hairy.

Hair Battle Spectacular premieres on Oxygen tonight at 10 pm/9 Central, pitting aspiring hair stylists against each other in a mad quest to craft the most outrageous coiffures ever. Towering monuments of locks? Oh yeah. Gravity-defying angles? Uh-huh. Drama galore? You betcha. And presiding over it all, host Brooke Burns and judges Derek J and Lindsay Albanese. It's bound to be a hair-raising experience in more ways than one.

Need to prepare yourself for it all? Click through our photo gallery of celebrities sporting outrageous fantasy hairstyles



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  • Relly

    OMG OMG Fingez won that sh*t hands down her sh*t was neat and tight get it right them some stupid ass judges, that's what make me stop watching shows that do judging cause they can't judge.. Malibu sh*t was a hot sloppy as mess, her sh*t was all over the place

  • sydsouth

    * Get Justin Bieber on the show & work some magic with his hair plz! Then we'll be the judges of that.* =}