Boy George Chimes In on Lady Gaga’s Cocaine Claims

Boy George isn’t buying Lady Gaga’s tales of random recreational cocaine use, and the equally colorful embattled ex pop star is making his feelings known.

The ‘Karma Chameleon’ crooner took to his Paper magazine blog to refute Gaga’s recent Vanity Fair interview where she said she did cocaine “maybe a couple times a year.” Boy George is calling her bluff, saying,

If Lady Gaga were about to be exposed as a drug user I would understand her recent confession to Vanity Fair that she is an ‘occasional’ coke sniffer. But why offer up this information on a whim? Could it be that her use of coke is not so “occasional?”

George goes on to say that as a recovering addict himself, he’s concerned that there’s more behind Gaga’s boasts than just some here-and-there drug use.

I can think of no reason for Gaga to reveal this to her young audience. My mum had the best take on this “she’s reached the stage where she feels untouchable, you all get there — you did, son.” I can’t argue with that! …  Isn’t saying your an “occasional” drug taker a bit like saying you’re bisexual? That usually means you’re raving!

The erratic George knows what he’s talking about. He has been arrested several times on drug charges, most recently in 2005 on suspicion of cocaine possession.

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