Bristol Palin Mocks Levi Johnston’s Mayoral Bid

Apparently, Bristol Palin inherited mama Sarah Palin’s penchant for abrasive gibes.

Palin’s baby daddy and two-time ex-fiancé, Levi Johnston, recently announced that he will be running for Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska (a position once held by the elder Palin), which will be chronicled in his upcoming reality seres, Loving Levi: The Road to the Mayor’s Office. Apparently stirred by hard feelings over their recent break-up (or perhaps out of familial loyalty), Bristol lashed out at Johnston over his mayoral bid via Us Weekly, taking a dig at his status as a high-school dropout while she was at it:

“I never knew he had political aspirations. I’m glad that Levi has not given up on completing his education and is looking for steady employment.”

Levi is in fact already working: He’s honing his acting skills in the new Brittani Senser video.

Do you think Johnston has any chance to become Mayor or Wasilla? Or is he just using the campaign as a publicity stunt? Share your theories in the comments section.