Spencer Pratt Flips the Script (PHOTOS)

When you’re a world-renowned cinematic auteur (or even reality TV jester Spencer Pratt), making movie masterpieces comes naturally. You don’t need trivial things such as funding, ability or even basic reading skills.

Fresh from his talent search at a Los Angeles strip club, Hills villain-turned-helmsman Pratt was on the beach at Malibu, California, on Tuesday to scout locations for his upcoming epic, the helpfully titled Tower 69: Beach Patrol Featuring 3D Boobs. Which must have been something of a challenge, seeing as Pratt was perusing the script upside-down.


Check out the (lamentably, non-3D) photo gallery to see for yourself. And make sure to check out Paparazzi-Razzi for more pics of your favorite celebs doing amazing things.