Angie’s on Team Jen in O’Reilly Feud?

Jennifer Aniston has a friend in Angelina Jolie … at least when it comes to defending single mothers.

A friend of Angelina’s says that the Salt star would defend Jen against Bill O’Reilly’s accusation that she is “destroying our society” for saying that women don’t need to have a man to start a family.

From PopEater:

Angie would totally defend Jennifer on this. She agrees with Jennifer that a woman doesn’t need a man to start a family to be a good mother. For Bill to take issue with this statement is him taking issue with every single parent in the world.

Bill attacked the 41-year-old Aniston for some comments she made while doing press for her new film, The Switch, which deals with artificial insemination. Jen said that women are realizing that they “don’t need to settle with a man to have that child.” Watch Bill’s harsh reaction below:

Naturally, Angie would be against attacks on single mothers since she used to be one until Brad Pitt came along. The Oscar-winning beauty adopted son Maddox in 2002, several years before she hooked up with Brad.

Angelina was also raised by her mother, Marcheline Bertrand, after she divorced from Angie’s father, actor Jon Voight.

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