Battle of the Abs: Taylor Lautner vs. ‘Vampires Suck’ Alter Ego

Passionate members of Team Jacob, meet Chris Riggi, the 24-year-old actor who will channel Taylor Lautner to play wolf pack member Jacob “White” in the upcoming Twilight spoof, Vampires Suck.

Riggi, who you may remember as Lily and Rufus’s long-lost son on Gossip Girl, knows he’s taking a chance by poking fun at T-Laut, telling Hollywood Life that Twihards will either love or hate his role. Either way, Riggi probably knows almost as much about Taylor as hard-core Forks fans.

“I watched the movies over and over again every day for three months,” he said. “I had a picture of Taylor in my trailer so I could mimic his facial expressions!”

Riggi also attempted to attain Taylor’s admirable eight-pack, gaining 15 pounds of muscle in an intense workout and protein spree. He graciously defers to Taylor, saying his abs are “amazing” and “so much better than mine” – but we’ll let the Celebuzz readers decide this Battle of the Abs in our poll below.

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