Cody Simpson: The Next Justin Bieber?

Cody Simpson: The Next Justin Bieber?-photo

After Justin Bieber graduates from the teen throne, who will take his place? Cody Simpson may be the tween for the job, or at least he could be an acceptable blonde (and Australian) substitute.

Born in 1997, thirteen-year-old Cody from Gold Coast, Australia is a former champion swimmer who humbly emerged onto the music scene last summer via Youtube, much like Justin Bieber, Soulja Boy, and other tech-savvy phenoms before him, although he admits to being raised on country music. Another Bieber-esque quality Cody possesses: His shaggy, surfer-esque blonde hair rivals Bieber's infamous locks.

Simpson's online covers of Justin Timberlake and Jason Mraz, as well as a couple of his own tunes gained the aspiring pop star the attention of Shawn Campbell, a Grammy-nominated producer famous for working with Jay-Z, eventually leading to a deal with Atlantic Records.

Watch Cody Simpson's acoustic version of "Cry Me a River."

And here's a Cody Simpson acoustic original - "One"

On getting his big break, Cody had this to say to Seventeen:

[Shawn Campbell] sent me a message through my MySpace and said, "I think you're really talented. Get your parents to call me." And so we Googled him, and he was the real deal. So yeah, it was exciting. We called all our friends and family like, "This guy wants me to come over to the U.S." Mom was like, "Don't call him. He just wants to get to you." She's protective, but my parents have always been really supportive. They've always wanted me to follow my dreams and stuff. So they let me come over with my dad.

Cody's first and only single thus far, "iYiYi" (think Ricky Ricardo) featuring Flo Rida, was released on May 15, 2010. It only peaked at #19 on the Australian singles chart, but so far, the music video has over two and a half million views on YouTube. Add that to his 90,000+ facebook fans and 150,000+ twitter followers, and the kid is certainly off to a huge start when it comes to building a foundation and a fanbase.

In a review of "iYiYi," Idolator said, "Simpson does have a certain charm. Whether or not that charm translates to the masses remains to be seen." Watch the official "iYiYi" video here.

You can currently find him traveling to summer camps across the nation on his first tour with Camplified 2010.

Do you think Cody Simpson can sing? Does he have what it takes to be the next Justin Bieber? Let us know what you think in the comments section.

And, in the spirit of having a true apples to apples comparison, check out Baby Biebs doing his Youtube acoustic version of "Cry Me a River."



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  • brandon

    I think cody is a wantabe of Justin

  • Carly

    Aww I love Cody xx

  • Nakia

    I think Natalie right

  • Marie

    I think Cody can sing, just as well as Bieber. Just because he's not as "cute" doesn't mean he's not a good singer. So, If all your basing this off of is his "cuteness" get a life and actually listen to his voice.

  • cody143

    yuck!!!!!no one can replace justin bieber to our heart!!!!!!!we dont need cody!!!!! justin is the hottest man on earth .............period!!!!!!!! shut the hell up bitch

  • lilmehh

    cody is cuteee

  • natalie

    Cody's ugly. wat eva you bitch

  • natalie

    Cody's ugly. wat eva you bitch

  • natalie

    Cody's ugly. wat eva you bitch

  • rachhhhhhhhhhhhh

    we love you cody ausie ausie ausie oi oi oi

  • ferbieber

    justin bieber dont have competition with anybody.

  • Sam Krajnak
    Sam Krajnak

    Hm. Cody is an alright singer, but Justin Bieber is an amazingggg singer. I dont think he can ever get as big as Justin is.

  • chelle

    cody!!!!! eat justin's dust!!!!! ahaha!!!!

  • chelle

    yuck!!!!!no one can replace justin bieber to our heart!!!!!!! we dont need cody!!!!! justin is the hottest man on earth .............period!!!!!!!!

  • kimmie

    cmon people i know you LOVE justin bieber but give Cody a break

  • Danelle

    Cody simpson has no voice why you singing because you cant sing sorie but its true justins the best hes cuter then you boooo stop singing LOSER. Even though justin sounds like a but hes my gurl hahah lol ILY Justin Bieber :))

  • Danielle

    I dont like Cody S.

  • KellyBieber

    just shut up, justin is one of a kind and doesnt when people say that hes gonna be replaced. btw i love justin

  • ryme odofin
    ryme odofin

    really justin is a graet singer and stuff but this 2 year old? wtf

  • erene queen
    erene queen

    justin bieber is cuter than him ..

  • itsmebehbeh

    Cody's ugly.

  • annabannana56

    Ewww we don't need another lesbian clown!!!

  • Danielle Marie Melanson Gorski
    Danielle Marie Melanson Gorski

    Ok when i first saw justin bieber i thought he looked a lil girly just a bit but i excused it because at the time he had not even hit puberty but justin beiber's voice was so much better now that i see this kid he looks like a girl he almost looks like the olsen twin girls bu with shorter hair and his voice is not even that good... He will never even compare to justin beiber...And i am not even a fan of justin just saying but ill will give this kid a chance i guess

  • Andreea Diana
    Andreea Diana

    Maybe in his natal country/continent.

  • Ashley

    eww i hate how he sings!! justin bieber is alot more awesome then that