Justin Bieber Asked to Star in Another CSI Episode

It may be hard to Belieb this, but Justin Bieber’s untrained acting chops were so good that CBS has asked him to star in a second “CSI” episode!

Michael Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly provided the low down on Bieber’s “CSI” stint. He has learned that the tween heartthrob will guest star on the season premiere in September and then again in a follow-up episode set to air in February.

The show’s executive producer Carol Mendelsohn tells EW:

He plays Jason McCain, a troubled teenager who is faced with a difficult decision regarding his older brother. We think he’s this really good kid who’s put in this very bad situation, but we will get a glimmer at the end of the [premiere] that perhaps he’s not the good kid we thought.

And contrary to what certain detractors have claimed, let’s keep hoping sweet Justin is a good kid in real life.

Will you tune in for Bieber’s acting debut and the follow-up episode?