Kanye Raps About Taylor Swift Flap (AUDIO)

One year after interrupting Taylor Swift at the VMA’s, and in the process, angering what seemed like the whole world — Kanye West is coming full circle. Not only is he reportedly performing at the MTV awards show on September 12, but Mr. West alludes to The Incident on his new single with none other than Beyonce, (who kindly offered up her acceptance speech to the scorned Taylor last year.)

Kanye hints at the “scandal” at the end of his new track, “See Me Now,” for which Beyonce provides the hook:

“I’m back baby! Imma let you finish… but I got Beyonce on the track! We the greatest in the world baby!”

He also raps about his love of boat shoes and admits his first watch was a Fossil in the new track that has many on the web excited for the release of his new album on Nov. 16.

Listen to Kanye’s latest here and tell us what you think in the comments.