Let’s Take a Peek in Louise Roe’s Closet (VIDEO)

If you’re looking for fashion advice, you could do a lot worse than to consult Louise Roe. And now, thanks to Vogue Eyewear, you’re getting your chance.

The alum of The City and current star of the CW’s Plain Jane fahion reality show recently invited us to poke through her closet to get an insider’s look at how her keen fashion sense comes together. Check out the video below as the British fashion expert explains how to get a sassy Doll look with shoulder pads and a weightlifter-type belt (!), reveals the secrets to assembling a sexy Geek aesthetic with the help of a pair of high-waisted shorts, and dispenses many more invaluable style tips.

And when you’re done absorbing Roe’s lessons, head on over to Vogue Eyewear’s virtual closet for even more great fashion ideas.