Mark Wahlberg Got Stood Up By Justin Bieber (VIDEO)

Mark Wahlberg doesn’t sound that pleased that Justin Bieber blew him off.

The Other Guys star told George Lopez on Lopez Tonight about how the 16-year-old hitmaker totally flaked on him when Wahlberg asked him to do a favor for his young daughter.

According to Mark, his daughter is a big Biebs fan, so Mark, being the good dad that he is, tried to find a way to get Bieber to call his daughter and talk with her. Unfortunately, Bieber is a very busy little 16-year-old and it doesn’t sound like he could make time for an A-list celeb like Mark:

My daughter has this obsession with Justin Bieber now so I’m like, I probably know someone so I could probably call him. I call my agent and I’m like, ‘Can you give me the number for Justin Bieber please.’ And then next thing you know they give me the number.

I made the mistake of telling my daughter…so we’re waiting for this call and he hasn’t called yet! So, I’m starting to get upset man. I’m gonna have to mess his hair up a lil’ bit. […] He hasn’t called yet, man.

Uh oh, Justin. Sounds like you better watch your hair when you are around Marky Mark.

Maybe if Mark really wants to get Justin to meet with his daughter he could film a video of her crying for her dear Biebs. It worked for one little girl–check out this video of Justin surprising a young fan who became a YouTube sensation when she was videotaped crying for Bieber:

Click here to watch the video of Mark on Lopez Tonight.

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