Mischa Barton's 'California Gurls' Bikini: Yay or Nay? (PHOTOS)

Mischa Barton looked like one of Katy Perry's "California Gurls" (you know: "Daisy Dukes, bikinis on top") when she was spotted hanging out on a boat in St. Tropez earlier this week.

The O.C. star wore some short jean shorts and a floral bikini top as she chatted with friends. When the blonde beauty stood up to light a smoke, she exposed a green patch on her bottom.

What do you think of Mischa's bikini look? Click here for more photos and vote in our poll below. Don't forget to check out all of our bikini beauties over at Celeb Bikini Safari.



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  • jeffreyfrog

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  • Jess

    Agreed! If this is a cigarette it would be the butt of it she's lighting!

  • mel gibson
    mel gibson

    puffin the chiba

  • lisaa

    stop smoking honey

  • MJ

    That ain't a cigarette she's smokin'! True! I just zoomed in and I can clearly recognize what she is smoking.... Its some joint I tell you!

  • grettydoll

    nay !! what the hell my granda dresses better than she does. whats wrong with her she used to be cool ?!?!

  • Angela

    OMG what has happened to her? she used to be so pretty...dont do drugs people!!!!

  • yep

    she's so damn fat and ugly ! (and I'm not even a hater...) sure ya are bitch. you just hated on her bad! ahahahaha.

  • diana

    (not necessarily in this picture, but in the 4th one she's definitely fat)

  • chris

    Looks like a doobie to me!

  • yep

    Bikini=LOVE! fugly ass shorts = THROW UP IN MY MOUTH!!......she is smoking a j tho lol she just got a tad cooler in my book...

  • diana

    she's so damn fat and ugly ! (and I'm not even a hater...)

  • Nathan

    That ain't a cigarette she's smokin'!