Penn Badgley Plays Piano in a Turtleneck (VIDEO)

Penn Badgley makes his musical debut of sorts in a must-see video from his photo shoot for the new Bullett magazine.

Seeming very much like his deeply sensitive Gossip Girl alter ego Dan Humprey, a very serious Penn slicks back his hair, puts on a turtleneck and starts tickling the ivory.

Penn also shows off his soulful pipes at about 2:00 into the black-and-white video. (Perhaps he croons to girlfriend Blake Lively?) The 24-year-old actor, who also plays the guitar, said the shoot was “an opportunity to explore another side of my creative ‘thing.'”

Check out the video from Penn’s classy Bullett magazine shoot here:

Can Penn Badgley sing? Weigh in via the comments.

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