The 'Jersey Shore' Kids Get Their GTL On (PHOTOS)

Despite all of the arrests, business deals and general buffoonery, the Jersey Shore gang still understands that it's all about the fundamentals.

Reality TV's favorite guidos and guidettes reinforced their core philosophy of GTL (that's Gym, Tanning and Laundry for the uninitiated) in Seaside Heights, New Jersey, on Wednesday. Sammi "The Sweetheart" Giancola and his occasional girlfriend Ronnie bronzed their skin while lounging on the beach, while Paul "DJ Pauly D" DelVecchio opted for a cardio workout during his day in the sun.

Recent arrestee Snooki, meanwhile, tossed the laundry bag over her shoulder and headed off to wash her wardrobe. Because all of that activity can cause a person to work up a sweat and, thus, build up a powerful funk in their garments.

Click through the photo gallery to see the Jersey Shore crew get back to basics. And make sure to visit Paparazzi-Razzi for even more pics of famous people being their fabulous selves.



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  • jackie

    is sammie and ronnie still together?

  • courtneybaaaby

    you retard she doesnt have braces

  • Edoooo

    HA HA HA :D

  • Edoooo


  • Mrs. Brightside
    Mrs. Brightside

    did any of you notice that Sammi has clear braces?

  • Jacy-ann Stewart
    Jacy-ann Stewart

    she (the new girl) is NOT cute :P

  • kurupt

    frump.... ommpa lumpa!!

  • J-WOWW

    This oompa-loompa needs to lose weight.

  • kelly0eminemfan

    that is the funniest picture ever !!