The Justin Bieber Proactive Commercial Is Here (VIDEO)

This week, the world found out that Justin Bieber would be the new face of acne medication to the stars, Proactiv. Now, actual video proof of the endorsement is here, as the superstar 16-year-old does his promotional duty in a new commercial.

The floppy-haired ‘Baby’ singer is his normal casual self in the video, saying that there’s some things you just can’t change about being a teen. Growing and hormones are out of Bieber’s control,

Then there’s zits. I can stop that. That’s why I use Proactiv. Because there’s no way I’m going to let a bunch of zits get in my way.

The Biebs then goes on to show off his basketball skills (FYI: “Bieber” means basketball in German). Check it out:

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