American Idol’s Fantasia: From Hospital to Courtroom?

This isn’t shaping up to be the best of month for Fantasia Barrino. The American Idol winner, who was released from the hospital this week following an apparent suicide attempt, is now facing a lawsuit from a woman who claims that Barrino broke up her marriage.

According to Barrino’s attorney Gena Morris, North Carolina resident Paula Cook has been hinting that she’s preparing to sue Barrino for allegedly carrying on a romantic relationship with her husband, Antwaun Cook, months before the couple filed for divorce. (North Carolina is one of only six states where an alleged “home wrecker” can be sued for damages.) According to Morris, 

“Cook has threatened via her lawyers to me to sue Fantasia.”

Morris adds that the relevant laws are “a comical irony, because they arrive out of laws when women were property of men.” Whether it’s a comical irony with legal relevance in this case remains to be seen. While Barrino’s manager claims Antwaun Cook told the singer that he and his wife split up in the summer of 2009, Robin Cook maintains that the separation didn’t take place until June 16, 21010.

Barrino and Cook might also have filmed a sex tape together, according to papers filed by Robin Cook in Charlotte, North Carolina, which state,

“Husband and Ms. Barrino have at times recorded their illicit sexual activity.”

Morris declined to comment on the sex-tape allegations because it would be “imprudent” in light of any potential deposition that Barrino might give, should the lawsuit go forward.

Barrino was rushed to a hospital in North Carolina on Monday, after reportedly overdosing on aspirin and sleeping pills, and was released later in the week.

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