Justin Bieber Movie Snags ‘Step Up 3D’ Director

Prepare for a Justin Bieber blockbuster. The Biebs announced via YouTube video today that Jon Chu, the director of Step Up 3D, will also helm his 3D concert movie, which will hit theaters Valentine’s Day weekend 2011.

Chu is currently filming Bieber and his screaming Biebettes on the My World tour.

“I’m really glad to be here with you, Justin, and your fans. Wer’e gonna do you guys justice,” Chu says in a video with Biebs. “Your tour has been awesome and we want to tell a great story and we can’t wait for everyone to check it out.”

Chu is clearly pumped about helming the movie, tweeting: “It’s official, I HAVE BIEBER FEVER… this is gonna be CHUCK NORRIS BIG.”

The director promises to post random updates and behind-the-scenes footage as he makes Bieber a movie star. He posed this question via Twitter: “if U were directing the @justinbieber movie what would you want to put in it?” Give him some ideas in the comments.