Kim Kardashian Says She’ll Never Date Justin Bieber (VIDEO)

Don’t worry Justin Bieber fans, there is nothing serious about the young star’s public flirtation with Kim Kardashian.

In an interview with Extra, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star cleared the air about her “romance” with the “Baby” singer and said she would never date the young star:

We would not seriously date. I mean, I could literally be his mom but he’s such a cute guy, such a funny person and he’s got such a great personality so I can see why [all these young girls] love him and are obsessed with him. I mean, he’s adorable so they are ob-sessed with him! So, to all the believers out there, we are just friends.

Watch a video of the interview below.

Considering that Baby Biebs’ mother, Patti Mallette, is only four years older than the 29-year-old Kim, it’s understandable why Kim doesn’t have an eye for Bieber.

Justin and Kim first started to joke about their “romance” after they hung out together at the White House Correspondents Dinner earlier this year. Justin had already publicly declared his love for Kim, so Bieber fans got nervous when Kim said she had caught “Bieber Fever.”

Shortly after the two became friends, Kim talked about receiving death threats from rabid Bieber fans who took her relationship with the pint-sized pop star a little too seriously. Recently, the two starred in a sexy Mrs. Robinson-style photo shoot for Elle magazine.

Kim isn’t the only one who realizes that she may be a little too old to be dating a teenager. Justin himself sheepishly admitted that Kim was “a little too old” for him, although he did admit that she was “beautiful.” Watch the video below:

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