Snooki’s Scorned Ex Reacts To Her Vinny Hook-Up (VIDEO)

Snooki’s ex-boyfriend was not too pleased about last night’s episode of Jersey Shore which showed Snooks hooking up with co-star Vinny after chatting with her then-boyfriend on the phone.

Emilio Masella tells RadarOnline that he is shocked and humiliated that his guidette love cheated on him while on the show:

How could she do this to me? I feel like a fool trusting her… My ex is a w***e!

I called Vinny at the Seaside Heights house and asked him if he f***ed my girl. He hung up on me, so I called back and asked him again but he is such a sissy, he passed me to J-WOWW. He did that because his mommy wasn’t there!

Emilio and Snooki broke up in April while she was filming the second season of Jersey Shore. At the time, it was rumored that Snooki was mad at Emilio because she suspected that he was trying to use her for fame. Which leads to …

Emilio joined forces with former Hills star Spencer Pratt in order to win Snooki back. Emilio even flew to Seaside Heights–where the Jersey Shore cast is currently filming–in order to get back on Snooki’s radar. Unfortunately, his efforts didn’t really work out and Snooki continued to ignore him.

While MTV has been playing promo teases that show Vinny and Snooki hooking up, the epsiode revealed the fling occurred post Emilio-chat.

Watch a clip of the hook-up below.

Emilio claims he was doing a club appearance in Connecticut when he saw the episode and was “humiliated:”

I am doing an appearance at a club tonight [Thursday] and there are about 400 people here watching Snooki humiliate me on a huge screen. People are apologizing to me and offering to buy me shots. But I can’t believe it… I never cheated on her and never would… It was Snooki who always accused me of cheating.

What did you think of Snooki and Vinny’s on-screen romance? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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