‘Vampires Suck’ Takes a Bite Out of ‘Twilight’

(Sponsored post) Cinematic vampires are once again drawing blood—but this time they’re drawing blood from other cinematic vampires.

Bloodsucker spoof movie Vampires Suck hits the theaters on August 18 to send up the recent glut of vamp-themed entertainment—and yes, that would include a certain Stephenie Meyer-penned saga. Starring 90210’s Matt Lanter as a familiarly named Edward and Gossip Girl actor Chris Riggi as thinly veiled werewolf Jacob White, the film, like many horror flicks will definitely be responsible for lots of howling. This time, it will be howls of laughter.

Check out the trailer for Vampires Suck below. And make sure to take our poll below on which cast is hotter, Vampires Suck or Twilight: