The Week in Buzz: Celebrity News Roundup for the Unfortunately Busy (PHOTOS)

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  • mirela

    az znam 4e tova koeto justin pravi vav nqkoi smisal e vqrno no za men vav moqta gledna to4ka tova sa prosto snimki

  • tasha ross
    tasha ross

    fantasia i am one of your biggest fans and supporters. i was very disturbed when i heard of the attack on you by the media. i prayed for you and your family. i am still praying for you. fantasia, please know that God loves you and you have a purpose to fulfill as we all do. don't give up so easily. use those stumbling blocks as steps to conquer what has been set forth for you. may God continue to bless and keep you always

  • melisa brown
    melisa brown

    wuz up fantasia this is melisa im from miami fl and just want to let you no that god love you girl just let go and let god baby girl

  • melisa brown
    melisa brown

    wuz fantasia you need to let go and let god

  • jblover1

    omqq that is so mean.who ever did that is such ****

  • Ceci Rugamas
    Ceci Rugamas

    itz was sour path kids wrapped with a tshirt and paper i think...but i noe about the patch kids

  • Ronnie J
    Ronnie J

    Please get it together Fantasia. Your fans love you. Dealing with men and your career, your career is better, not with men. I miss you and I will keep you in my prayers. Enjoy your life and do you and your daughter, think of her first she is the important person in your life. Stay with GOD always.

  • Shamil Rosario
    Shamil Rosario

    isnt he too old for her? oh well. at least he's hot lol

  • vahn22

    love them :)

  • Sara

    that wasn't a bottle xD

  • robessed

    they are looking so cute!!!!!!

  • cam


  • majobuzz

    OMG ! how this could be posible ! i mean he was so good boy, and then ...