Christina Aguilera Does Etta James Proud in 'Burlesque' Clip (VIDEO)

Christina Aguilera Does Etta James Proud in 'Burlesque' Clip (VIDEO)-photo

(Sponsored post) Rest assured; Christina Aguilera isn't letting her pipes rust just because she's pursuing an acting career. Far from it.

The Bionic belter's big-screen debut, Burlesque (co-starring Cher, Kristen Bell and Twilight's Cam Gigandet) hits theaters on November 24 and, as this advance clip makes abundantly clear, she'll be giving that powerful voice of hers a workout.

Check out the video below to see Aguilera make the Etta James chestnut "Something's Got a Hold on Me" her own. What do you think of Aguilera's performance? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

For more information on Burlesque, visit the movie's Web site.



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  • Ro

    Eileen, NOTHING, NOTHING is better than seeing Cam kissing Christina's shoulder! I bet... Wait, this girl IS really good. Kay, kay, it's better. (:

  • Eileen Pizarro
    Eileen Pizarro

    No one! I mean no one! Can sang like Christina Aguilera!! Luv this clip from Burlesque! Its even better than seeing Cam kiss Christina's shoulder in the trailer and that alone is pretty hot. :)

  • Linda Morales
    Linda Morales

    Fantastic cover of the song. Etta James is my girl and I love her dearly but I know she would be proud of Christina. I love it and will be sure to go see the movie.

  • Crimsonlily

    I still remember the war between her and Britney Spears on the media at first, who was better, who was the talented one... i think it's another case of "only the time will say". See them now and tell me who's the winner XD

  • corona

    she is beyond brilliant. i love this!!!!

  • Gabriel

    AMAZING!! shes by far the best female vocalist out there!!!

  • lizouttavegas

    omg! this girl never ceases to amaze me!!! what talent! there is nothing this chick cant sing! i love her! will definitely see the movie! (britney who?)