Danielle Staub Reportedly Fired From 'Housewives' (UPDATE)

Danielle Staub Reportedly Fired From 'Housewives' (UPDATE)-photo

UPDATE: Danielle releases a statement to Celebuzz about the firing rumors and her future plans:

Actually, I’m not even thinking about season 3 right now as I am considering many incredible options that have been presented to me. Right now I just want to let fans know that we have a fantastic finale coming up next week and explosive reunion shows on August 30 and September 6. Don’t worry next year, I’ll still be the one you either love to hate or hate to love

Real Housewives of New Jersey's resident pot-stirrer Danielle Staub may have been fired from the hit reality show.

According to Life & Style magazine, Danielle has not been asked to return to the Bravo show:

Danielle was told that she would not be returning for a third season. [The news] came as a complete shock, and she thought she was definitely going to return to the successful Bravo series.

The New Jersey mom became the subject of national attention when she first appeared on RHONJ. During the first season Danielle propositioned a date to have sex in a restaurant bathroom while being filmed and was infamously called a "prostitution w•••e" by co-star Teresa Giudice during a heated argument.

Danielle continued to attract drama in the second season of the wildly popular show. Danielle was attacked by co-star Jacqueline Laurita's teenage daughter after a fashion show and was the reason behind co-star Dina Manzo's departure from the show.

A sex tape featuring Danielle and an anonymous male was released earlier this year. Danielle's co-stars claimed that she had released the tape herself although she never confirmed that she had.

In recent months, Danielle had been hinting about a possible spin-off that would focus solely on her life. The Jersey girl told Life and Style that she was "excited" about a possible spin-off more than continuing on RHONJ for another season.

Will you miss Danielle's drama on RHONJ? Share your thoughts in the comments below.



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  • tdavis

    from watching the show i think that the second season had taken a turn for the worst when the producers decided to focus on danielle and her drama the first season was so much more entertaing because they focused on alot of other things! i love the ladies and i saw that they were trying to keep their families and house hold together! but danielle sitting there talking about her problems to her kids and then sit on the reunion show and say oohh no i protect my kids from the drama i mean really who does that ur on tape booboo! u came home after a talk with caroline and express to both ur kids that they should thank and give hugs to the body guards for kepping u safe from the dangers of caroline! like really! so no i will not miss the danielle drama and no sorry bravo i will not be watching a danielle spin off! the lies that she tells r crazy she says something and then five minues later she says her famous i didnt say that line! i don't wish her any bad luck just hope that sooner or later she focuses on those beautiful girls that she has and understands that she is only hurting them in the long run! and bravo i know that drama pays the bills but at some point the drama gets old u need to send her and the past season tapes to a shrink and let them drill into her that she does have a problem! i have watched episodes where u have shown her stalking the ladies parties outside in her car while her kids where with her i mean come on who does that! and then to say that she needs protection from that family when all she does id make it her biz to find out where they are and show up! uuurrrgghhh bravo i mean really!

  • Robnj

    I hope she's gone so we can start watching the show again.

  • Angela

    What she does to her girls is inexcusable.Their father must be a usless animal to allow her to drag them through her personal hell. It is so obvious that she is deranged. If you notice she really loses conrtol when she is told by anyone that she is insane. Nothing else makes her as rabid. I imagine she must question her own sanity every time she thinks about the things she has done or said on any given day. I find it embarassing to watch her actually both my daughters and I have decided not to watch anymore she makes us so sad. For us it is no fun watching a train wreck.

  • Stella

    I hope they don't do a spin off with her in it. I couldn't care less about that womans lescapades, he talentless daughters, her ugly rat face, square t!t, and the mother-who-wants-nothing-to-do-with-her. She is a derranged maniac, who wants nothing but attention, and will seek any means to obtain it. HELLO! You were a stripper/cokeheadwhore who pistol wipped a teenager (read the court records from 25 yrs ago). You have men with guns coming to "protect you" from a person that is 5'3", 125 lbs! What would they have done if Caroline would have chased her? SHOT AT HER??? SERIOUSLY???? She has an inflated sense of self worth, and I hope that by her being fired, she will go crawl back into the hole from wence she came!

  • Cynthia

    i think she is a very dangerous woman.. her rap sheet is like a mile long.. she didn't belong on TV.. she definitely has a PERSONALITY DISORDER.. and it got to the point i fast forwarded since i truly couldn't stand to view her on TV.. I HOPE TO GOD SHE WAS FIRED.. AND BRING DINA BACK!

  • Marie Claire
    Marie Claire

    f*ck that bitch, but then again the show focused mainly on the divide between her and the other wives...hope they can find someone who doesn't look like a villian from aladin to replace her!


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