Did Justin Bieber Tweet An Enemy’s Phone Number?

Teen heartthrob Justin Bieber allegedly tweeted his enemy’s phone number to his 4.5 million followers in a bizarre case of cyberbullying revenge.

The 16-year-old singer posted a tweet on Saturday night that invited his dedicated fans to call “him” — but he actually publicized a Detroit teen’s phone number. The tweet was quickly deleted but not before sites like Gawker got screenshots of the tweet and Justin’s follower’s eagerly retweeted the message.

So, why is the “Baby” superstar tweeting a random teen’s phone number? The digits Justin tweeted reportedly belong to Kevin Kristopik, a young man who allegedly hacked the Twitter account of Justin’s childhood friend, Ryan Butler, and found the pint-sized singer’s phone number. Kevin also tweeted a confirmation that the number Justin tweeted was indeed his, including a video of his phone blowing up with texts and phone calls from misinformed Justin fans. Watch the video here:

Kevin has since deleted his Twitter account but he had tweeted in the past that he had hacked Ryan’s Twitter account to get Justin’s phone number. Kevin isn’t letting Justin’s much-talked-about tweet stop him from being a Bieber fan: The teen tweeted that while what Justin did was “low,” he “still likes him.”

It isn’t clear if Justin was the one behind the tweet: It’s possible that his account was hacked or someone who had access to his Twitter account sent the tweet.

Justin himself has been the subject of multiple cyberbullying attacks in the past. Most recently, members of the /b/ message board tried to send Justin on tour in North Korea by voting for the country in an online poll asking which country Justin should visit on his world tour.

Justin hasn’t commented on the tweet controversy, although he has been plenty busy striking up a tweet-friendship with Twitter Newbie Kanye West. Kanye tweeted that he was digging Justin’s album and then suggested that Kanye, Justin, Raekwon record an album together.

What do you think of Justin’s alleged tweet? Or do you only care about Justin recording with Kanye? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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