Jude Law’s Ex-Wife Recalls Slashing Incident

No wonder Jude Law reportedly hasn’t been too keen on his ex-wife’s new tell-all memoir, Crazy Days.

Actress Sadie Frost—who was married to the the Alfie star from 1997 to October 2003—won’t be releasing her book until next month, but already the damning allegations are coming out, including Frost’s claim that she felt so alone following the birth of the couple’s son Rafferty that she slipped into a post-natal depression (PND) that led to her slashing her own arm with a pair of scissors.

British newspaper the Daily Mail (via PopEater) has published an excerpt from Crazy Days, in which Frost recounts how Law chose to refocus his attention on his film career following Rafferty’s birth, while she sat home alone, left to deal with a spiraling depression:

“Eventually I wanted to press the self-destruct button. One night I arranged a babysitter and went out. I partied all night and got home the next day racked with guilt. I was sitting at my dressing table, not feeling anything—just numb. I watched my hand slowly pick up a pair of scissors. It was as if I was being sucked down lower into the chair and the scissors seemed to be drawn to my arm,” she writes. “I appeared to have cut myself. Blood dripped down my arm. There was no sense of panic within me—I just felt empty.”

Frost eventually sought treatment for her condition, and she and Law married in September 1997, but the 2000 birth of the couple’s second child, Iris Tallulah, triggered a relapse into depression. And Frost claims that Law wasn’t much help this time either:

“Jude tried to understand, but the more we had to socialize at grand dinner parties in Hollywood, the more I felt my self-esteem slipping away. Soon I admitted defeat and went to see a doctor, who diagnosed PND and put me back on medication. The more I worried about my condition, the more self-obsessed I became and the less attention I gave to Jude. Back in London, we were busy with the children and our careers. Jude was up for lots more roles and I was still feeling low, struggling to hold the relationship together, feeling threatened.”

The couple, who went on to have a third child, eventually divorced in 2003, with Frost blaming Law for her depression, according to divorce papers. The actor is currently dating on-again, off-again girlfriend Sienna Miller; the two were spotted vacationing in Ibiza earlier this month.

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