A Megafan Reacts to the Rob-Kristen Kiss Photos

Following the massive reaction after yesterday’s Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart kissing photos post, Celebuzz wanted to go directly to the fans to see how the kiss impacted them. Below is an op-ed of sorts from Lisa Marie Hay, who is the lead writer for Twilight-obsessed site EclipseMovie.org (as well as NewMoonMovie.org and BreakingDawnMovie.org). She was at the epicenter of the fan freakout yesterday, and wrote a guest post for Celebuzz to talk about the impact of the day. Here’s what Lisa Marie had to say:

Yesterday was one of the biggest days in the world of Twilight. The buzz on Twitter was like lightning, flashing tweets, rumbles of arguing. Once the pictures hit, no one was safe.

In this day and age where the internet means having information at the edge of your fingertips with barely a few keystrokes. The photos of Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart kissing spread over the internet like a wild fire yesterday, and like a wildfire, it caused damage.

For some it caused euphoria. They finally had proof that their favorite actors were a couple. I, for one, had thought they had been a couple for a while. Either way, if they were or weren’t together, it didn’t affect my life. These pics clearly set the limits for some while others were joyously oblivious to the impact that this can have on the two very private actors.

How did these pics affect the fandom? Truth be told, being part of the Twilight fandom is like walking a tight rope. One wrong move and you come tumbling down. The Twilight community has been split in half for a while now; yesterday those trenches became even deeper. I feel as though I’m stuck in the middle when it comes to the pictures. Part of me is extremely happy that Kristen and Rob seem to be happy. However, the other part of me feels somewhat disgusted at myself for even looking, and for feeling the slightest bit of joy.

Does this mean that all the speculation, all the questions about their personal lives will come to an end? From an insiders point of view I can tell you that it won’t end. Some people will turn their backs saying enough is enough, while others will keep wanting more information, more personal details, not answers. There have been a few interviews of Kristen’s that I have shared with our readers on EclipseMovie.org, and she has bluntly said that her relationship status with Rob is something she would like to keep private. I don’t think they’ll admit any type of relationship any time soon. I also do not think it would be via an interview or event. You’ll just see them walking hand and hand someday, out in the open, down the street.

My biggest fear out of all of this — what if they break up? What happens with Breaking Dawn, or the promotion of BD part 1 and 2, if they are no longer together? I think that is one of the reasons why they have tried to keep their relationship behind closed doors. Because anything can happen, and nothing is permanent. Take Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gossling from The Notebook. They were a couple, and were lovers in one of the most amazing love stories of our time. How do you feel now when you watch The Notebook, knowing they are no longer together? Exactly.

On a happier note — Rob and Kristen, whether you are just friends with some really good benefits, or are indeed boyfriend and girlfriend, I wish you nothing but the best and hope that you get some peace.

What did you think of Lisa Marie’s article? Shout out in the comments below and definitely comment over at EclipseMovie.org!

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