Fantasia Pressing Forward With Appearances

Fantasia Pressing Forward With Appearances-photo

Still recovering from a pill overdose that landed her in the hospital last week, Fantasia Barrino is pressing on with the planned promotional tour in support of her new album, Back to Me.

Even as she is also embroiled in a sex tape scandal - and being sued by a North Carolina woman who accuses her of destroying her marriage - Fantasia, 26, will perform on Good Morning America on August 24 and honor other scheduled appearances, she said in a statement released by her label, J Records (via Us Weekly:)

I can't thank my fans enough for their prayers and support during such a challenging time...It has given me the motivation to get back to work ...I put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into this album and I pray that everyone enjoys it as much as I do."

In the midst of a rough stretch, Fanatasia managed to debut the video for her new single, (the aptly-titled) "Bittersweet." Check it out below.

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  • ms. kim
    ms. kim

    man tasia take care of you. i know you want to stay occupied but take care of you . 25 years old and i have been in the same shoes but we know who the real father is..thanks givings just passed. be thankful for what that man did learn from it .you jus know next time be ready for the bull.the guy on bitter sweat look like him doe .. dont shut every body out mama.the mve you making is good , get a fresh start. beitng fantasia for real for real

  • Tawanta from Atlanta
    Tawanta from Atlanta

    Yes I will listen to Fantasia's new music. I love her and her music. It's unfortunate for her she got caught up in the everyday lie all men tell. She's not the first and will not be the last. Before American Idol winner & celebrity she's a human being with the same feeling you and I have. We need to stop judging her and take a long look at our own lives. Keep your head up Fantasia!!