Heidi Montag's Surgeon Killed in Car Crash

Heidi Montag's Surgeon Killed in Car Crash-photo

Dr. Frank Ryan, a famed Beverly Hills plastic surgeon who performed Heidi Montag's recent surgical makeover, has been killed in a car crash, TMZ is reporting.

According to TMZ, the 50-year-old doctor's Jeep went off the side of Pacific Coast Highway in southern California around 4:30 PM on Monday. The vehicle landed on the rocks near the coast.

Lifeguards reportedly tried to save Frank, but he was trapped inside his vehicle with major head injuries. Frank was pronounced dead at the scene.

Shortly before the crash, Frank had tweeted about hiking to the top of a sand dune near Malibu with his border collie Jill. The dog was reportedly injured, but survived the crash. Frank's last tweet showed a picture of Jill looking over PCH from on top of the sand dune. "Much harder than it looks," Frank tweeted, "Whew!"

Frank famously performed ten surgeries on Montag in one day. Some of the procedures included lip injections, cheek injections, chin reduction, and breast implants. The two appeared together on Good Morning America earlier this year to discuss Heidi's surgeries. Watch the video below.

Frank had also worked on such celebrities as Gene Simmons and Janice Dickinson, who is reportedly "stunned" by his death and sends her love to his family.

Photo Source: Getty Images/Pacific Coast News Online

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  • smohr4u

    Heidi reminds me of a stepford wife after her surgery. She can't move her lips and there is no emotion or light behind those eyes or in her voice. She now lacks personality which she once had. She used to be full of light and personality when living with Lauren Conrad and after she got with Spencer the Snake Pratt (EWWW) she lost herself. He degraded her and her family so much that he is so disgusting and should not be aloud on TV. Only to watch it. maybe.

  • Stephanie

    I have always thought the divorce was just fake, so that they can try to get their own show. Isn't that what Spencer and Heidi are good at? They lie and act fake. Their not real in anyway. Especially Heidi inside and now OUTSIDE. By the way her surgeries are disgusting. She looks so gross and unreal. Spencer's always been fake and a liar nothing new. As for Heidi's Plastic Surgeon, I am so sorry for his families loss. He is in now way connected into Spencer and Heidi's lies. He just did Heidi's surgery.

  • itsmebehbeh

    Oh damnit. I thought it said "Heidi got killed in a car crash (because of making herself look uterly fake). sh*t.

  • kym

    the comments above r horrible. no matter what this guy did, its still really sad that he has died. especially at him age. u guys should be ashamed that he was killed and all u hav to comment on is him job regarding heidi montag! disgusting

  • JC

    GREAT!!!!! Maybe now she wont get any more plastic done

  • lalalyssa

    I think heidi montag looks beter now! Bt think her breasts are to much.

  • noah

    she should have killed him for destroying her looks