Joaquin Phoenix Looks Sad In ‘I’m Still Here’ Trailer (VIDEO)

The much-hyped Joaquin Phoenix documentary I’m Still Here will soon be upon us, and a mini-trailer for the film has just been released to the masses.

The film, directed by Joaquin’s brother-in-law Casey Affleck, shows the actor looking furry, flustered, and depressed in various scenes while a grizzly-voiced man compares him to a drop of water on a mountain top. If you recall, the actor spent the early part of 2009 in rare, bearded form.

Watch the trailer below.

The Oscar-nominated Phoenix has been confounding the public with his recent bizarre behavior which conveniently happened while he was being filmed for this documentary. The film follows the actor/rapper as he does press for his film Two Lovers in 2009 and reportedly will include footage shot during his infamous interview with David Letterman in February of 2009. Watch a clip of Joaquin’s wacky appearance below.

Many have been speculating that Joaquin was putting the public on with his bizarre new act, and that the film will be a satire of celebrity and how easily the media can be manipulated.

The film hits theaters on September 10.

Do you think Joaquin is for real? Will you go see the documentary? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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