Megan Fox's Sexy 'Cosmopolitan' Outtakes

Is there such a thing as too much Megan Fox? Yeah, we don't think so either.

Though the Jonah Hex babe has largely been out of the headlines since her wedding to Brian Austin Green in July (and since being replaced by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in the Transformers franchise), has thankfully unearthed these scorching-hot outtakes from Fox's October 2009 Cosmopolitan shoot, just in case we were in danger of forgetting how stunning she is.

Feel free to refresh your memory by clicking through the photo gallery. Which look do you like best for Megan? Share your thoughts in the comments section.



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  • Moi


  • Moi

    she looks hot and perfectly polished too - you know, perfect hair, makeup, dress. I wouldn't say "there are no words for her beauty" though.

  • Michael William
    Michael William

    total hottie

  • Ami

    She really is that curvy she has a 22'' waist! shes so gorgeous xxx

  • allnuko90

    OMG stop being so f*cking jealous!Shes so gorgeous and her bodys perfect and you haters can only dream about looking like that! so shut the f*ck up, bitches!!!!

  • allnuko90

    there are no words for her beauty.

  • whitecatthorn

    she already looked so plasticy when these pics were taken last year.

  • whitecatthorn

    too bad she messed up her once perfect face with all the plastic surgery, she'll NEVER be as beautiful as she once was. my how the mighty have fallen!

  • Bobby

    Do we always have to see that ugly Marilyn tattoo? It's just so lame.

  • rsac3

    Sue doesn't sound so dumb when she has her mouth closed right on

  • Liz

    Sue doesn't sound so dumb when she has her mouth closed

  • CCC

    That's totally photoshopped. SH'es cruvy, but she's not that hourglassy. Still gorgeous, though.

  • Sissy

    Shes so beautiful! she has the face and the body! I think shes Hollywood's it girl now or will be soon...

  • nedd

    I like the #3 picture the most but come to think again none of Megan Fox picture I ever hate, so that means i love all of them!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sue2

    Oh... did I say she was tacky? I meant she looks a lot less slutty when you can't see her tacky tattoos.

  • Sue

    I like #4 - she loks a lot less tacky when you can't see her silly tatoos.