Tila Tequila's Juggalo Ordeal: Attacked With 'Human Poop'

Tila Tequila's Juggalo Ordeal: Attacked With 'Human Poop'-photo

Sounds like Tila Tequila had a crappy weekend in more ways than one. The former A Shot at Love star, who claims to have been assaulted by violent fans at the Gathering of the Juggalos music festival at Cave In Rock in Illinois on Saturday, is revealing the details of the melee, and they aren't pretty. 

According to Tequila, her brief appearance at the Gathering was a mess from the moment she stepped on stage:

"Everyone started booing and I was like, 'Alright, this is a violent and tough crowd,' so I went out there just to try and have fun...But immediately before I got up there, things were being thrown, there was so much stuff being thrown, besides just beer bottles."

Among the "stuff" that was allegedly hurled at her onstage? Tequila reveals that she "looked down and saw human poop." Yikes...

Tequila goes on to note that she was in for a rough time before even heading for the festival, which annually gathers fans (aka, Juggalos) of shock-rap duo Insane Clown Posse. The reality-star-turned-singer tells E! Online,

"I actually was warned by a lot of my fans online, as well as all the Juggalos telling me what they were going to do to me, prior to going, so I contacted my agents and told them my concerns, and my agents contacted the people who run the event, and they swore to us that there'd be a 100 or more security guards and that nothing like that would happen. and that they needed me to go."

Another warning came just prior to her aborted performance, when "one of the staff members came running inside looking horrified and he was like, 'You guys shouldn't let her go on there. It's really dangerous out there and they're ready to throw stuff at her and hurt her.'"

Perhaps she should have heeded the advice.

Tequila plans to take legal action following the attack, with the ultimate goal of shutting down the Gathering forever:

"I'm hoping this is the last Juggalos gathering they'll ever have. Because it's been such an underground type of concert and I'm glad that I could bring this to mainstream and expose them for what they do to people and women and that it's not OK."

See Tila describe her ordeal below:

For a more uplifting side of the Insane Clown Posse, check out the video for their latest single, "Miracles," below. (Warning: NSFW language.)



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  • JC

    What was she there to do

  • GoMoJo

    She knew EXACTLY what she was getting into. Her hope was for her 15 minutes of fame to stretch on a little longer. Mission accomplished.

  • Johnny Noir
    Johnny Noir

    ust because Tila Tequila is an insane clown doesn't mean she belongs at a Gathering of the Juggalos.

  • Jen

    The only people who like ICP are dirty, hillbilly trash.

  • Christina Swartz
    Christina Swartz

    Her bringing this sh*t to the mainstream and trying to have the gathering shut down for good is only going to make things worse for her....She shouldnt have been there in the first place...Not a lot of people there like her...now she knows that...I happen to like her but the gathering is no place for her....Like ive always heard you have to prepare like a football player does just to go to the gathering and she was no where near prepared even with the warnings


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