Trend Alert: Katy Perry & Juliette Lewis’ Smurf-Blue Hair

No stranger to bright-blue tresses, Katy Perry may have started a mini-trend: Smurf-blue hair. When The Switch actress Juliette Lewis gave her elegant updo a punky touch at the film’s Los Angeles premiere last night, we couldn’t help but wonder if more cerulean locks will be popping up in Hollywood soon.

Though Katy’s blue ‘do is just a wig, she has an excuse for donning the daring hair, as she will reportedly play Smurfette in the upcoming live-action Smurfs movie. But for now, it’s up to the Celebuzz readers to decide this Blue Hair Battle Royale: Whose Smurf-inspired locks look best — Katy’s or Juliette’s? Weigh in via the poll below.