Adam Lambert 'Tongue-Dives' With His Fans (VIDEO)

Adam Lambert 'Tongue-Dives' With His Fans (VIDEO)-photo

Adam Lambert seems to be making out okay with his fans these days.

The American Idol fave was wowing the crowd at Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel in Providence, Rhode Island, on Tuesday when he decided to really wow a couple of lucky audience members, leaning out over the stage and planting wet, sloppy kisses on them. (Apparently, making out onstage with your bandmates onstage is just so last year.)

The "Whataya Want From Me" belter went on to dub the practice "tongue diving" on his Twitter account, informing the world,

"TongueDiving is the new StageDiving. Get Into It"

Aye-aye, Adam. Check out video of Lambert getting up-close and personal with his fans below:

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  • Lam M Y
    Lam M Y

    I have been wanting to write this for some time . Adam Lambert the magnanimous person that he is says he owes his fame and success to American Idol. Though this may be true , I want to add that AI also let him down big time at the very last minute exactly when Ryan Secrest announced , '' And the winner is ......" at the S8 finale . Until today I still switch off the TV right at this point when watching the re-telecast of S8 , Adam was the star of the show . I did not know the result had such a great impact on me and was so deeply-edged in my mind. American Idol allowed Adam to sink much like the great Titanic and just stood by and watched, even applauded. Now, Mr Lythegoe is looking for Adam Lambert calibre performers for Season 10 . I say AI did not even manage to crown their first Adam Lambert so why are they still looking for more ???

  • Lam M Y
    Lam M Y

    Typo : ' economic ' ' Voice ' ' want '

  • Lam M Y
    Lam M Y

    Errata : ' writhing ' (above) Congratulations to Adam Lambert on the over-the-top success of his Glam Nation Tour and also his extremely motivated American fans , one said she saw it 7 times ! Really lucky , better than touching a lottery ! I think Adam would have made a whole lot of love not only that a whole lot of money too ! He is a super ecconomic powerhouse , just look at all the jobs he generated for the tour alone, the logistics, the food suppliers , light/sound technicians, designers/tailors , dancers , singers , bands, food suppliers , cleaners, drivers , the list goes on. I can visualise Adam as the next Oprah Winfrey , both started humble in the entertainment industry , one talks the other sings, King of Voce , both have great spirits and wanted to make a difference in the lives of people .

  • Lam M Y
    Lam M Y

    Like the beautiful songbird, nightingale , Adam sings " in full-throated ease " ( Ode to a Nightingale , John Keats) Nightingale means night songstress but it is the male bird that sings !

  • Lam M Y
    Lam M Y

    Long live the New King !! Adam Lambert Haiku for Adam : Born to be wild Sings like a nightingale and Stings like a bee !

  • Lam M Y
    Lam M Y

    This is Adam's masterpiece , the high note after the tongue-diving was powerful and shattering , the highest ever from him. He crafted this excellent performance really well , the tongue-dive , the sensual head movement on the stage floor against Monte's electrifying guitar playing and the stylish blowing of kisses at the 2 lucky fans before walking off the stage , leaving the audience stunned and wreathing from the crazy bombardment . We should look at this fantastic performance as a whole , don't just single out the tongue-diving and jump to conclusions.

  • grettydoll

    woah . not THAT was a shocker !! he has a wonderfull voice . im not a fan but he sure knows how to make people want him .. way to go Adam ;))

  • Marie

    If those fans were smart, they got rabies shots immediately after the concert. Your comment shows how stupid you are.

  • Jadam

    If those fans were smart, they got rabies shots immediately after the concert. Get over it those fans got just what they wanted, they love him, he is a wonderful talent.

  • hispanicatthedisco

    If those fans were smart, they got rabies shots immediately after the concert.