Blake Lively Goes To Jail For 'Interview' (PHOTOS_

Blake Lively is under arrest–for being a bombshell!

The Gossip Girl star went to "jail" for a sassy bad girl photo shoot for the September issue of Interview magazine. The blonde actress, who will play a rough-around-the-edges Boston chick in the upcoming The Town, somehow managed to make prison look glamorous and fashionable. Maybe the shoot was inspired by Lindsay Lohan's recent trip to the slammer?

What do you think of Blake's sexy shoot? Click here for more photos and let us know what you think in the comments below.



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    Well it's pop couture, why do we complain? we love it. First she made being bisexual a thing, DUI then Rehab started trending an NOW jail is fashionable!!!

  • Oh yes they did!
    Oh yes they did!

    Lindsay Blohan made it fashionable to go to jail!