Taylor Momsen Gets Sexy for ‘Spin’ (PHOTOS)

Whatever your opinion of Taylor Momsen may be, you have to admit—the girl says what’s on her mind. The 17-year-old Gossip Girl actress and Pretty Reckless songbird recently stayed still long enough to be interviewed and photographed by Spin magazine, flaunting a look that she described as “high-class hooker.”

Before anyone gets the wrong idea, however, Momsen goes on to stress that she’s not a “drug addict” or a “crazy f***** psycho who’s gonna end up in the gutter next week.” She has, however, “had a lot of bad experiences, and whether that’s from sex or drugs or something else, they are adult experiences that would f*** anyone up.”

Click through the photo gallery to bask in Momsen’s self-described high-class hooker chic. And for even more of T-Moms’ inimitable fashion sense, check out Celebuzz’s “Many Looks of Taylor Momsen” gallery.