Are Brands Giving Snooki Their Competitor’s Bags? (PHOTOS)

Snooki is reportedly a pawn in the hyper-competitive luxury bag market.

According to Simon Doonan, luxury fashion brands are supplying the petite Jersey Shore star with their competitors’ bags in hopes of cheapening that brand’s image. So, for example, Louis Vuitton sends her a Gucci bag thinking that it’ll damage Gucci’s rep when people see Snookers toting it around.

Fashion houses will often send celebrities free goods because they want their wares to be associated with glamorous people.This reversal of that tactic, however, is what Simon calls “unbranding” that “makes total sense.”

When she first appeared on Jersey Shore, Snooki was spotted carrying around a Coach bag. However, now that she is filming the third season of Jersey Shore, Snooki has been spotted carrying around a Gucci handbag. Was that given to her by a rival company or did she buy it on her own?

One thing is for sure: Snooks is earning enough money to buy all the designer purses that she wants on her own. It was recently revealed that she negotiated a $30,000 per episode salary for the third season of her hit MTV show.

What do you think of using Snooki for “unbranding”? Do you think it is real or all rumors? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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