Hilary Duff: Dream Wedding, Painless Prenup?

Beaming bride Hilary Duff wore something blue (underwear) and carried something old (her grandma’s cameo) to her “dream wedding” to Canadian hockey player Mike Comrie, but as the former Disney Channel star gushes about her big day to OK! magazine, the New York Post’s Page Six reports Duff, 22, said “I do” to a less romantic tradition:  the prenuptial agreement.

While many mere mortals consider prenups to be harsh reminders that marriage isn’t always ‘til death do us part, the asset-protecting legal agreements are a standard among celebrities and millionaires like Duff and Comrie, 29, who is – who knew? – an heir to an estimated $500 million family fortune amassed in the furniture business.

Hence, the news of the Duff-Comrie prenup wasn’t news at all to noted divorce attorney Raoul Felder, who has helped dissolve the marriages of stars like Elizabeth Taylor and Mick Jagger.

“If you’re getting married and you’re not getting a prenup, you should see a psychiatrist instead of a laywer,” Felder told Celebuzz.

Duff also has millions of dollars to safeguard, thanks to massive Lizzie McGuire fame, acting gigs, pop albums and a signature fragrance line, but Felder said: “My guess is that theirs was mainly a family prenup made to protect his papa’s money.”

While the prenup process is thought to be notoriously sticky (remember Charlotte on Sex and the City?) Hilary and Mike reportedly breezed through the legalities to reach a “totally amicable agreement.”

“They love each other very much and knew this was just a technicality,” an “insider” told Page Six.

Hold your eye rolls – a relatively painless prenup may have been possible, if Duff and Comrie addressed the issue early in their relationship, according to Destin Pfaff, co-star of Bravo’s The Millionaire Matchmaker and COO of the Millionaire’s Club founded by the show’s star, Patti Stanger.

“If they laid their cards on the table in the beginning, [a prenup] isn’t an emotional slap in the face. It just becomes a fact,” Pfaff told Celebuzz. “One of the biggest cancers in relationships, usually, is money… now they can just enjoy their love and not worry about the money side of things.”

Though as routine as the red carpet for many stars (with the reported exception of newly-single Kelsey Grammer,) the prenup remains taboo for many modern romantics. Upon hearing of Duff and Comrie’s reported prenup, one Babble.com blogger said: “I’m sure that things are a bit different between couples who have a lot of money between them than for a regular gal like me, but doesn’t signing a pre-nup pretty much set the expectation for eventual divorce? Shouldn’t people get married with the idea that they will actually stay together for the long haul?”

Though a prenup preceded Duff’s dream wedding, it doesn’t mean she won’t get the fairytale ending.

“A prenup doesn’t take away from their ability to have a healthy relationship,” George James, a couple and family therapist at the Council for Relationships in Philadelphia, told Celebuzz. “It’s difficult for couples to say, ‘I believe we will be together forever, but in case we won’t, we should have a prenup.’ But that conversation can build trust and openness.”

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