Jennifer Aniston to Strip in New Film?

Jennifer Aniston is apparently doing a little strip tease for her newest film, Horrible Bosses.

The stunning 41-year-old actress will reportedly have a stripping scene in the upcoming film. In the movie–which also stars Jason Bateman and Colin Farrell–Jen plays a “nympho” dentist who also reportedly has a painful masturbation scene.

The rumor is that Jen will strip for one of her male co-stars.

Jen was recently in the news for feuding with conservative television host Bill O’Reilly after she said that women don’t need to settle with a man in order to “have that baby.” Bill said Jen was “destructive to society” and insinuated that she was against fathers, which Jen denied.

Jen has previously stripped down (but not in a stripper way) for The Break-Up, where she bared all for co-star (and rumored on-set love) Vince Vaughn. She also famously posed nude — save for a necktie — for GQ magazine.

Catch Jen in a non-nympho role in The Switch, which also stars Jason. Hm, are these two the new Rock Hudson and Doris Day?

Are you looking forward to Jen’s striptease? Let us know your thoughts and dreams in the comments below.

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