Jonas Bros Premiere 'Camp Rock 2' in NYC (PHOTOS)

The Jonas Brothers hit the red carpet with co-star and family friend Demi Lovato at the New York premiere of their new Disney Channel movie, Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam. A dapper Nick posed with middle-bro Joe and big brother Kevin before all three rocked an impromptu post-premiere concert.

Click here for more photos of the Camp Rock 2 premiere. 

What do you think of the Jo-Bro's red carpet style? Let us know in the comments.


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  • idk lol
    idk lol

    i used to rlly like the jonas brothers and i have no idea why anymore, joe is a complete retard and nick is just so plain and trying so hard to be cool. like rlly nick, ur a jonas brother, get over urself

  • alla

    i think if she die her hair darker will be better than this but still nice

  • alla

    ehm wtf have happen with kevins hair? xD i dont wanna b mean or anything LOL but that looks wierd this is right look like cartoon funny hair

  • alla

    amazing love thim all joe and demi looks gorgeous

  • monica

    joe is probably feeling so stupid, because demi looks gorgeous. like she said in an interview, she never returns to an ex. NICE JONAS lol

  • monica

    joe jonas is turning into a real airhead lol. im mean really ashley greene, im sorry but have you guys seen her nose its all pointy lol

  • skc211

    nick looks nice

  • jjj

    woow she is soo pretty! unbelievable...

  • Smushii

    I agree with you, izzy : D!

  • thatgirlelena

    ehm wtf have happen with kevins hair? xD i dont wanna b mean or anything LOL but that looks wierd

  • j

    If Camp Rocks 2 ratings bombed hard, Jonas Brothers ship will sinking faster than Titanic and Demi definitely backing the wrong horse, haters will be laughing in their face and hoping Justin Beiber will have the same fate soon

  • izzy

    i liked her darker locks.


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