Miranda Kerr Finally Admits She’s Pregnant

That Miranda Kerr sure is a sneaky one. First she announced to the world that she’d married her beau Orlando Bloom with an off-handed comment in a press release. And now the Victoria’s Secret beauty has admitted that yes, she is pregnant. But you might have missed the announcement if you don’t speak Spanish.

Kerr tells the September 2010 issue of Vogue Spain in her big cover story

“Yes, I am pregnant. Four months along.”

Australian-born Kerr and her Pirates of the Caribbean actor husband were quietly wed in July, after announcing their engagement in June.

Kerr also describes juggling the double agonies of morning sickness and keeping her pregnancy on the downlow during her first trimester:

“I remember on one occasion in the early days [of my pregnancy] when it was still too soon to say anything, and I had a dreadful time at one job.”

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