New ‘Dragon Tattoo’ Girl Rooney Mara’s Onscreen Make-out Sesh (VIDEO)

Want to know what kind of presence Rooney Mara might bring to the screen when she assumes the role of Lisbeth Salander in the American remake of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo? Perhaps some clues might be found in a clip from another of Mara’s upcoming movies, The Winning Season.

In the movie, Mara plays high-school basketball player Wendy, who has a thing for older guys—or at least for Joel, a 40-ish shoe salesman at the local mall (played by WinterbonesKevin Breznahan). Check out the clip below, as Rooney locks lips with the sleazy, mustachioed flats-peddler, much to the chagrin of Sam Rockwell:

The Winning Season hits the big screen on September 3.

Let us know in the comments section: How do you think Mara will do in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo?

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