Smooth Moves: Celebs Stumble and Recover (PHOTOS)

Smoothness is a trait often used to describe celebrities, even if they don’t always deserve it. In part, movie stars are perceived as smooth because their director allows them as many takes as they need to perfectly achieve a high level of cool. Musicians can have smoothness because their producer carefully chops up and modifies the sound of their voice until it’s flawless.

There are times, however, when celebrities falter – during live concerts or red carpet forays – and it’s not a pretty sight. Within hours, the whole world has seen their butt smack the floor. But it is in those moments of embarassment that a celebrity can show their true smoothness by getting back up gracefully, tweeting explanations from a moving ambulance, or just blocking the next punch.

Remember, it’s hard to stay smooth with cameras on you non-stop. Here are our picks for smoothest moves.