Exclusive: Khloe Kardashian on New Season, New Family With Lamar

Khloe Kardashian kicks off a new season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians as a newly-married lady, bringing her husband, L.A. Lakers star Lamar Odom, into the sometimes-crazy Kardashian-Jenner universe. Celebuzz caught up with Khloe ahead of Sunday’s season-five premiere to chat about her her rocky relationship with with sister Kourtney’s beau, Scott Disick, and starting her own family with Lamar:

The season-five previews show the Kardashians welcoming Lamar into the family — how would you describe that process?

Lamar was welcomed into my family very early on. My entire family loves Lamar to death! I mean seriously, what’s not to love?! Everyone is obsessed with him and he is equally obsessed with all of them (shocking but he actually dies for them!). The cutest part is now that Kim is single, Lamar gets sooopo protective over her! She has never had an older brother before so she likes it too!

It seems the family’s welcoming of Lamar is a lot different than the family’s interaction with Scott. Any theories?

I can’t really say why my family accepted Lamar easier or faster then they did with Scott. I can speak for myself though and I accepted Scott with open arms at first. Initially we had an amazing relationship. But he has since put a bad taste in my mouth so I learned to keep my distance.

What was it like having the early months of your marriage on-camera?

I love having my life documented! I love that I have all of the memories and video footage to show my children one day! I am truly blessed. The same goes for my marriage — I’ll be able to remember all of these special little moments and I get to re-live them over and over again. I have the most amazing life in the world! I have a wonderful husband who I am so grateful for. I want others to see the love Lamar and I share and understand that it’s ok to love and to be loved constantly.

Were there any bumps in the road in those early days as man and wife?

The only difficult part of the first few months of my marriage was my family learning their boundaries. Yes we (the Kardashians) are a family and we always will be but now I’m married and I have an additional family. My husband needs my attention and focus and sometimes they don’t get it LOL. They want me to be around all the time but Lamar and I need our alone time too. Slowly but surely, they’re learning LOL. But no matter what, I ride or die for my Kardashian family!

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